As a Mission Partner with the Church of Scotland’s World Mission Council, I am supposed to write to my partnering presbyteries (Dunfermline and Dundee) letters each quarter updating them on my work, asking them for prayer, and encouraging correspondence and mutual support.

As you can see below, I have been a bit lax about this, but live in hope that I will improve (blogging is a much more natural medium for me!). Regular readers of my blog won’t learn much new from the letter, but it’s helpful for me to consolidate my experiences, and it’s a good way for churches to be able to include some of the information in their own publications.

I am happy for these letters to be reproduced in church newsletters and magazines or distributed to any congregation interested in the Church of Scotland’s presence in Israel-Palestine, not just those within the presbyteries with whom I’m connected, and not, for that matter, just within the Church of Scotland.

I’m always interested to know who’s reading, and I do try to reply to all emails — and much more slowly to snail mail. So drop me a line (my email is in the letter) and tell me a bit about you, your church, your interest in this land.

Thank you for your prayers and support.


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partner letter_March17

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